Kytons ‘KickStarts’ Hot Cross Bun Season

Kytons Bakery is kickstarting their hot cross bun season by supporting not-for-profit organisation,
KickStart for Kids, through donating the popular Easter treat to schools across South Australia that
are part of the charity’s breakfast program.

Kicking off on 12 February, Kytons will be donating over 6,000 of their award-winning hot cross buns
to KickStart for Kids, allowing the charity to deliver them to the South Australian schools that are
registered in their breakfast program.

Founder of KickStart for Kids, Ian Steel, is grateful for Kytons ongoing support: “Kytons have been a
massive supporter of KickStart for a number of years now, and they do amazing things in the

“Kytons has the best hot cross buns in the state and this generous donation will definitely bring a lot
of joy to the thousands of KickStart kids and their families – we are so grateful!” Ian concluded.
Kytons owner, Sharon Sutton, is an avid supporter of KickStart for Kids and thought this would be a
great way to bring joy to kids ahead of Easter.

“Kytons has been involved in the SA community for over 85 years, both through our community
fundraising drives and through supporting organisations who help those in need in SA – like Kickstart
for Kids. Concentrating at school is difficult enough for kids, let alone trying to do it while you are
hungry – we love the work that Kickstart do to alleviate this!”

“Our charity hot cross bun drops are so fulfilling every time we do them. It’s a great way to spread
the hot cross bun love with lots of families across the state, many of whom may be doing it tough at
the moment,” Sharon continued.

Kytons Bakery’s buns have previously been awarded the best in Australia and are an iconic Easter
staple for many South Australian’s during the holiday period. They are made with top quality
Australian dried fruit, Laucke flour, and a mix of fragrant spices.

Over the Easter period, Kytons will make over half a million hot cross buns, ranging from traditional,
fruitless, their fan-favourite collaboration with FruChocs, and snack size which are perfect for
morning teas and lunchboxes.

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