"Eating breakfast has an immediate effect giving students consistent nourishment that has an impact on their everyday lives and school performance. Without the support of the program and wonderful volunteers this would not be possible."

- Jody Macri

Junior School Counsellor, Ocean View College

"There have been many benefits for students here. The students participating love getting to school early to have breakfast with their new friends. These children enjoy the social interaction having breakfast with others. Students who are often late are now ready for learning on time and don't miss out on the crucial morning instructions."

- Lynn Wilson

Student Counsellor, O'Sullivan Beach School

"Breakfast has an enormous effect on our students as they go into class feeling contented and ready to start the day. We have no doubt that breakfast improves their ability to concentrate, stay on task and get along with others."

- Chris Elliot

School Counsellor, Hendon Primary School

"Our Breakfast Club has grown to have between 15 and 20 kids most mornings (which for a school of 70 students is a great result), this has not only resulted in more kids having a nutritious breakfast, but it has improved the number of students arriving at school on time. On top of that the work that Alana is doing with the Juniors class and Amber and Abby is fantastic, the students love working with her and she has definitely had an impact of the girls that she is mentoring."

- Chantal Rainsford

Department for Education, Felixstow Community School